Driver Safety as an Enhancement to ESG

Your organization makes an impact on the world in many ways, and if you have fleet drivers, they certainly impact those around them on the road. The investments you make in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reflect how well you regard your employees and the communities in which you operate. Your credibility rests on your actions matching your words.

The Impact of Accidents on ESG

When your drivers are involved in an accident the effects can be wide-reaching. Beyond the financial impact felt by your shareholders, accidents impact other areas including:

Environmental Impact:

  • Oil and fluid leakage into soil
  • Traffic jams caused by an accident produce additional greenhouse gas
  • Non-recyclable vehicle waste

Social Impact:

  • Injuries and fatalities of your drivers and others involved in the accident
  • Usage of emergency respondent resources
  • Usage of medical resources
  • Lost wages and tax revenues
accident delay

Measuring the Value of Safety for ESG

As an employer concerned with ESG, you want to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your employees and their behaviors behind the wheel. This not only improves your social impact, but also delivers value to shareholders by reducing losses and mitigating liability when a collision does occur.

The following basic components of a safety program can be measured for reporting purposes:

  • Results measurements
    • Accident rate per million miles
    • Overall risk level of a fleet
  • Contributing measurements
    • Documentation of equitable enforcement of fleet safety policy
    • Driver license status and motor vehicle records
    • Proactive and remedial driver training

Beyond these measures, what is more important is to build an overall safety culture within your organization, and to promote the same in your communities.  CEI’s fleet safety advisors can provide guidance on how to become a best-in-class brand regarding fleet safety.

measuring esg

By utilizing a formal driver safety program, companies can reduce their environmental and social impact and improve governance through decreased severity and incidents of crashes.

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