Photo Estimating

Avg Savings: $150 to $200 per claim +
2 days per claim

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CEI saves your drivers time by using advanced tools to prepare an accurate estimate, and avoid going to shops for live estimates. The result is savings in both fleet costs and time.

Quality Control

Avg savings of 8% to 12% on repairs

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Our licensed physical damage appraisers review every estimate to ensure they are written according to industry guidelines and prevailing rates. These audits enable our clients to avoid paying for additional appraisals, providing further savings.

Cycle Time

2 to 3 days per repair

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CEI’s technology, omni-channel communication capabilities, and our collision repair experience provide a closed-loop repair process with automated workflows to remove manual touchpoints. Our reduced repair cycle time saves our clients significant downtime.

Rental Expense

Average savings of 2.6 rental days per repair

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By having a claims system integrated with major rental providers, we eliminate manual handoffs in the process. Each rental is also overseen by our dedicated workflow team. CEI’s technology and focus reduces the number of rental days our clients incur for repairs.


$300 average expense savings per salvage sale

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Using our own national network of salvage buyers when a total loss occurs, CEI saves clients significant money in auction fees and selling expenses by selling directly to buyers. We also consistently outperform the market for sale prices.

Loss Recovery

95% of your costs are collected within 60 days

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CEI’s highly accomplished team of loss recovery experts recover on more claims, for a higher amount, and more quickly than other third-party administrators achieve.

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