You have non-compliant drivers, but competition for recruiting skilled employees is high and your organization puts an emphasis on retaining current employees. You need support in helping drivers change so they are not a danger to themselves and your organization.


CEI’s programs and services provide an effective and cost-efficient way to improve fleet driver behaviors. We employ behavioral conditioning techniques to motivate and engage drivers to become safer and provide the support necessary for fleets to deal with habitual offenders.

Driver Awareness

The first step to engage drivers is to make them aware of their unsafe fleet driving behaviors. This is especially important for drivers who ‘fly under the radar’ because they have not been involved in an accident or received a ticket, yet. They may be blind to their risky behaviors.

CEI’s DriverCare CoPilot records trip events for speeding, phone use, hard braking and other risky behaviors and delivers an assessment of each trip to the driver within minutes of completing the trip.

Competition & Gamification

Providing a little competition is a well known technique to increase performance. It has been proven effective in sports, education, and nearly all avenues of human endeavor. CEI uses this technique to help fleet drivers become safer. In our DriverCare CoPilot program, drivers compete on three different levels:

  1. Personal Best – Drivers see their Streaks, how many trips in a row they avoided certain unsafe behaviors. They can work to earn badges for continued safe driving.
  2. Driver vs Team – Your drivers see where their score ranks among their peers in the Me vs Team view.
  3. Driver vs Fleet – Drivers can see where they rank in the overall fleet.

CEI protects driver privacy and masks names of teammates and fleet drivers in Leaderboard standings but displays individual scores to show a driver how much better they need to be to move up in the rankings.
We encourage our clients to include supplemental competitions for specific time periods. For example, most improved driver of the month, best team of the month, first three drivers to earn a high-level badge, etc.

competition for reward

Driver Recognition & Rewards

If you want an increase in safe driving, praising it is essential. CEI gives fleets a structure to acknowledge their good and most improved drivers through leadership recognition. Our clients use the driver scores and badge achievements to recognize individual fleet drivers during public events such as group and organizational meetings. Sometimes a little praise goes a long way.

These measurable achievements are easily translated into rewards. Fleets can utilize driver rankings and badge achievements as a basis for awarding points in their organization’s employee reward platforms.

giving recognition at work

Fleet Driver Training

The DriverCare CoPilot app provides safe driving tips when unsafe events occur for quick reminders. With our DriverCare Risk Manager training supplement, we systematically assign corrective training to drivers with a continued pattern of unsafe driving, or who experience an incident, based on your fleet parameters. DriverCare  has lessons that address all areas of driver risk.

Our training modules are created in the CEI Design Studio and use multi-media and assessment tools to provide drivers with new perspectives and understanding of the real consequences of unsafe fleet driving behaviors. Drivers gain important skills and attitude changes which improve their performance behind the wheel. Completion of assignments are tracked and recorded for future need.

drivercare training screen

Policy Enforcement

CEI makes it easier for fleets to enforce even the strictest parts of their fleet policies by ensuring each driver is treated equally in evaluation, risk assessment, training, and compliance monitoring.

There may be times when a driver is unable or unwilling to correct unsafe behaviors. CEI can quantify the cost to your organization for retaining a high-risk driver, based on evidence. Having this objective and professional assessment, your organization can make decisions based on what is best for the organization for each situation.

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