Salvage Remarketing

When you decide one of your damaged fleet vehicles is beyond repair, your normal sales channels may not be the best fit for your salvage vehicle.  You need the right disposal solution for your situation.  CEI’s specialized approach to remarketing salvage vehicles can be that solution.

Focused Salvage Sales Return Higher Sale Proceeds

Some fleet remarketers sell salvage vehicles to buyers in a package with undamaged vehicles, offering the “good” with the “bad”. The offers made on salvage vehicles in this arrangement is likely on the low end of its actual value. CEI takes a different approach. We sell salvage vehicles directly to the buyers who want them.

Over the past several decades, we have cultivated a network of over 150 salvage buyers who are targeted by vehicles type to secure the absolute best return. Buyers in our salvage network target specific vehicles we can offer which allows CEI to obtain the best return on your vehicle.

Not only do some fleet remarketers underestimate the value of salvaged vehicles, fleet managers also may not see the potential value. CEI helps clients realize the true value of their damaged vehicles. Here is one example:

One of our client’s vehicles suffered undercarriage damage after hitting road debris in a construction zone, which resulted in major engine damage. Our client decided to total the vehicle, based on their estimate that CEI could obtain $4,000 for the vehicle when remarketed. We beat that estimate and secured a price of $7,000 for our client. They received their funds within eight days.

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Direct Sales Reduces Selling Fees

When we remarket your vehicle to our network of salvage buyers, not only do you receive higher bids for that vehicle, but your returns are not reduced by significant auction and selling fees. Where possible, we arrange for the winning bidder to pick up the vehicle from the shop where it is located, avoiding additional transport fees. The bottom line is, CEI works diligently to reduce sales expenses, allowing you to retain a much higher percentage of the sale proceeds.

Evidence of Our Effectiveness in Reducing Sale Fees

One of our clients for whom we remarket salvage units, performed an internal study of all their remarketed salvage vehicles. They found that they retained a much greater percentage for their salvage units with CEI, than all other sale arrangements both through other third parties and internally managed. They estimate that CEI saved them, on average, $450 in selling expenses and fees for each vehicle we remarketed for them.

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Quick Sale Proceeds

When retiring assets from your books, it helps to have timely accounting. CEI’s direct selling solution coupled with our technology that eliminates the process gap between first notice of loss and salvage remarketing results in speedy receipt of sale proceeds. On average, our customers receive their sale proceeds in less than 15 days. By processing sales quickly, you avoid prolonged lease payments or additional fees traditionally related to salvage disposal.

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