When you experience a loss involving a third party, in nearly all cases you have an opportunity to pursue recovery for that loss from the third party’s insurance provider or directly from the third party. Maximizing the return on your loss dollar is the focus of CEI’s Loss Recovery program. We do this by employing professionals with the right experience, a thorough process addressing all components of loss and leveraging our relationships with associations and legal professionals.

Loss Recovery Professionals

CEI’s loss recovery experts are highly skilled individuals who continue their training through the NASP Subrogation College and hold deep experience in various related industries, including:

  • Insurance
  • Arbitration
  • Collections
  • Legal

These professionals are organized into teams who specialize in different phases of the recovery process.

Investigation Team

Our claim investigations team immediately starts the recovery process at the time of the FNOL. The team reviews all required claim data, including police reports, identifies the at fault party, and quickly puts them on notice of subrogation.

Subrogation Demand Team

CEI assembles a comprehensive demand package with all proper documentation including validation of all cost and liability components. Our Demand Team specializes in getting the documentation to the liable party as quickly as possible to minimize recovery time.

Negotiations Team

This team negotiates recovery on your behalf and pursues recovery from the at-fault party or their insurance carrier. If our negotiations do not reach the targeted collection %, CEI will manage the arbitration process for you and prepare the required documentation with Arbitration Forums. If your organization is not a member of arbitration, we will consult with you to review recovery options up to and including litigation.

document reviews

Maximizing Loss Recovery Returns

Our loss recovery process is designed to get you maximum returns and get them quickly. Some of the techniques we use to accomplish this include:

Subrogation Recovery Starts Immediately.

We get a jump start on recovery by beginning the process before repairs are complete. This allows CEI to return recovered dollars to you quickly. Since we also manage the repair process, continued updates on costs and loss of use information is readily available to our teams. In fact, 90% of loss recovery is returned to our clients within 60 days!

Expedite Identification of At-Fault Party

We gather information quickly and then discuss our findings with our client’s insurance carrier to identify the percentage of liability attributable to the third-party. The data we examine includes:

  • Police reports
  • Examination of the damage to the fleet vehicle
  • Statements gathered by our FNOL call center
  • Public data sets, such as local weather reports
  • Accident reconstruction data available through our mobile solution, DriverCare CoPilot

Completing this process quickly shortens the timeframe for recovery.

Pursuing Maximum Returns

CEI pursues more cost components for more claims and against more third parties than the average loss recovery provider pursues. Though the industry, on average, pursues only 3% of claims with comparative negligence, CEI pursues 100% of these claims where permitted by state insurance regulation.

More Cost Components Pursued

There are several components of costs for our clients when their vehicle is out of commission due to an accident. CEI attempts recovery for all of these. While some loss recovery providers stop at bent metal repairs, rental, and diminished value, CEI continues to pursue recovery in CEI’s experience shows that the value of your vehicle can be quantified in different ways. If your current provider isn’t pursuing five different types of recovery, please contact us and find out what you might be missing two additional areas of employer costs. For bent metal alone, we recovery nearly 90% of all moneys demanded.

Low Dollar Claims

CEI pursues recovery on low dollar claims which may fall below the threshold for pursuit by other service providers. Because these low severity claims represent the largest number of claims, collectively they present a significant recovery opportunity for you. CEI doesn’t leave this money on the table.

increasing money

Assistance with Legal Claims

When considering taking legal action against a third party, we will present you with documentation of the third party’s assets to assist you in your decision. Should you decide to pursue the case with an attorney, we will provide a fully documented case to aide in the process.

legal assistance

In both speed, breadth of what we pursue, and the results we deliver, CEI’s loss recovery services are best-in-class in the fleet industry. The bottom line is that CEI provides the best loss recovery services for your bottom line.

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