As a fleet or loss manager, you need an administrative-friendly solution for monitoring, measuring, and mitigating your risk, and promoting fleet driver safety all while maintaining FCRA compliance. CEI’s Fleet Driver Safety programs provide such a solution.

Preventing accidents and keeping drivers safe is foundational to everything we do. Fleets who utilize CEI’s Fleet Driver Safety programs experience over a 21% average reduction in accident rates over the first three years. For a fleet of 500 vehicles, this can result in several million dollars in savings from accident avoidance alone.

DriverCare Risk Manager

CEI’s online fleet driver safety and risk management platform, DriverCare Risk Manager, harnesses the power of big data to identify high-risk drivers. Our platform merges and normalizes your fleet safety data streams to give you a single view of driver risk. Each DriverCare fleet driver profile can contain comprehensive performance data, including:

    • Accident history
    • MVRs
    • Traffic camera violations
    • Fleet telematics data
    • Fleet predictive analytics

CEI integrates risk-related data points while incorporating a fleet’s safety policy to determine a driver’s risk level to your organization. When risk levels reach pre-determined thresholds, or a serious incident occurs, DriverCare triggers automated notifications to the client-designated stakeholders, and drivers are assigned remedial safety training exercises.

With DriverCare, you get a complete, proven system that strengthens fleet driver safety culture, improves driver behavior, provides records to mitigate negligent entrustment action, and substantially reduces accidents.

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Motor Vehicle Record Checks (MVRs)

When you put a driver behind the wheel of one of your vehicles, you must ensure they are properly licensed to drive, and do not have a history of serious driving infractions. Most companies will perform license checks for new hires, and often annually as well. The greatest protection, however, comes from ongoing monitoring of driver records.

CEI’s DriverCare platform provides an administratively easy way to ensure all drivers are properly licensed to drive and maintain a good driving status. We manage all related FCRA compliance in checking driver records, standardize all state violation coding, review all results, and flag any records that need attention.

To monitor drivers for any new violations or license status changes on an ongoing basis, CEI offers our MVR Monitor program. Because each state has different reporting capabilities, the lag time between the infraction and report date varies. However, on average, fleet managers enrolled in the MVR Monitor program will receive notifications of new infractions or license status changes 180 days sooner than MVRs run through annual campaigns.

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Mobile Safety Solution

Distracted driving presents the #1 threat to fleet drivers while on duty, and the biggest risk exposure to their employers. According to the National Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) latest study, distracted driving costs employers more than all other deficient driving behaviors combined.

At CEI, our mission is to get our clients’ drivers home safely every day. We have personally witnessed the human and financial costs resulting from distracted driving accidents and wanted a better way to diminish these behaviors. This motivated us to bring to market a new and powerful tool in combating distracted driving, our mobile safety telematics solution, DriverCare CoPilot.

DriverCare CoPilot combines an engaging smartphone app and stick-on vehicle tag to monitor behaviors that are causally linked to crashes. By making drivers aware of their own behaviors behind the wheel, and motivating them to improve, we can drive down the number of avoidable accidents for your fleet.

DriverCare CoPilot

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