Fleet Accident

You do all you can to help your fleet avoid accidents, but when they do happen you need a solution that will help you minimize disruption to your business and reduce the impact to your bottom line. The CEI Fleet Accident Management program is designed to do just that.

Contact-Free Estimates

The Contact-Free Estimating Process allows fleets to minimize unnecessary interactions along the repair cycle so drivers can get back on the road quickly and safely.

For accidents with low severity, your drivers can use our photo-driven claims tool to snap photos of vehicle damage immediately after a collision. Photos are then reviewed by our network repair facilities who use advanced tools to prepare the estimate remotely with proven reliability.

This process saves your drivers time by avoiding going into shops for live estimates and shortens the time before vehicle repairs can begin.

Photo estimates

Repair Network Balanced Scorecard

Provides visibility into the ratings of our body repair network with CCC’s Repair Network Scorecard produced through the CCC Estimating Platform. The scorecard rates each body shop based on four criteria:

  • Accuracy of estimates
  • Cost deviation under audit
  • Cycle time for repair completion (keys to keys)
  • Customer satisfaction ratings

A total of 18 key performance indicators (KPIs) are blended across the four rating areas into a blended scorecard.

Integration into Rental Car Systems

CEI leverages data integration with our providers to manage the end-to-end rental process. From scheduling through completion, our streamlined approach allows customers to keep their rental expenses to a minimum.

Shop Selection Tools

You can have confidence that when we assign your vehicle to a repair shop, the facility will have both a high quality rating, and the right capabilities to handle your specific repair needs

CCC Intelligent Solutions Platform for Repair Shop Assignments

Technology plays a critical part in ensuring that fleet accident repairs are performed properly and in a timely manner. Our strategic partnership with CCC allows us to leverage the leading technology platform for collision repair estimating, and repair management used by body shops today. Nearly all of CEI’s repair network employs CCC. The platform includes key features important to fleet clients.

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Licensed Physical Damage Appraisers

One of the core ways CEI improves downtime and lowers cost for our customers is to use our Quality Control team of licensed physical damage appraisers on every claim. This team’s primary focus is to ensure repair requirements are met and costs are appropriate for the damage sustained. Our Quality Control Appraisers are licensed, hold multiple industry certifications, and have an average of over 15 years of experience in the field.

By partnering with CEI, a fleet can all but eliminate the need for Independent Appraisers for most claims. This translates into an estimated savings for the appraisal cost and additional downtime which averages between $150 – $400 per claim plus 4-8 days of cycle time.

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National Network of Body Repair Shops

If you have vehicles across the country, you need a network of shops available to you that provides the needed coverage for your fleet drivers. CEI’s shop network provides national coverage in both the US and Canada. These facilities have capabilities to perform quality repairs for vehicles of all types including:

  • Cars & Light Duty Trucks
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Electric Vehicles

We go through a continual review process of the facilities in our network and expand our coverage to match market needs while adhering to our high-quality standards. CEI’s network currently includes over 3,000 repair facilities in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

map of locations in us and canada

Accident Repair Data & Analysis

With CEI, you have a centralized view of accident data for all vehicles and all repairs with actionable alerts utilizing our ClaimsLink system.

As a manager, you will have a detailed view into all claims, with the ability to quickly drill down into the specifics within a claim. Any actions that require your response, such as repair decisions, are surfaced for quick resolution.

ClaimsLink is integrated with our DriverCare Risk Manager platform so your driver’s risk profile is updated with collision data. This provides a holistic view and assessment of driver behavior and analysis of what is causing your crashes.

Our Account Managers perform regular analysis of your fleet’s performance and are highly skilled in making data driven recommendations aimed at improving your fleets overall performance. When a trend is detected, your team at CEI will make proactive recommendations on any action that should be taken.

CEI’s Account Managers leverage both industry standard data and our own claim history to provide a detailed level of benchmark data against your peers and other industry segments.

Claim data dashboard

Repair Management Process

The management of the claim from first notice of loss, vehicle estimate, appraisal, repair and return to service has a significant impact on vehicle downtime. A tight workflow helps to minimize vehicle downtime and impact to your driver productivity.

CEI automates traditionally manual communication points through omnichannel communications to speed the repair process.  For drivers, we communicate appointment reminders, manage rescheduling, and confirm appointment completions for both repair estimates and repairs appointments.  With shops, we use automated email communications to enable them to receive and respond to estimate and repair appointments more expeditiously.

We leverage the automation in ClaimsLink and CCC to keep strict controls over every milestone throughout the repair process. Our Repair Management Team is dedicated to managing every claim to keep it on track and within timeframe guidelines.

Our automated workflow management targets over a dozen milestones throughout the claim journey to push notifications that prompt required actions and updates through repair completion. Our system uses SMS technology to remind drivers of repair estimate appointments, enables drivers to reschedule and confirm appointments via text, and confirm that appointments were completed.

You will have visibility to all performance milestones and corresponding data to help you with business decisions.

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