Collisions cost employers $billions each year in healthcare costs, workers compensation, liability settlements, lost productivity, lost revenue, and vehicle repair expenses. But, avoiding collisions is not just financially prudent, it also has a human impact. As organizations become focused on Environmental, Social and Governance ratings, collision avoidance becomes more significant.

The Causes of Preventable Accidents

CEI’s technology uses the data from over 5 million drivers and billions of miles driven and has identified specific behaviors as contributing to the probability of being involved in a crash, and the increased severity of a crash. These include:

  • Phone distractions
  • Speeding
  • Hard braking
  • Hard cornering
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Seatbelt usage
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Using Connected Solutions to Detect Unsafe Driving Behaviors

By using connected solutions, your fleet will be able to detect unsafe driving behaviors and address them before they show up on an MVR report or cause an accident. CEI offers both a mobile solution, and an in-vehicle solution.

DriverCare CoPilot is a smartphone-based solution which can detect phone distractions, speeding, hard braking, hard cornering, and harsh accelerations.  These behaviors are measured and displayed as a score within minutes of the driver completing a trip.

DriverCare Connect is a vehicle-based solution which leverages telematics to detect speeding, hard braking, hard cornering, harsh acceleration, and seatbelt usage.  This also produces a driver score based on behaviors detected during each trip.


Connecting the Driver Is Key

Both DriverCare CoPilot and DriverCare Connect leverage the greatest resource in accident avoidance: your driver.  These solutions present driving data through a user-friendly mobile interface and connect drivers to their performance. Transparency of data enables the driver to self-correct and provides your first line of defense against liability.

These platforms also provide visibility to front-line managers and offers guidance on using positive recognition for safe driving results, as well as coaching when performance doesn’t meet your guidelines.

Our connected solutions use gamification and competition to promote driver safety achievements.  The Leaderboard enables drivers to see where their driving score ranks among their peers, and among the fleet overall.  Managers and executives can use these rankings for special recognition, and further reinforcement of your overall safety culture.

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Integrating Driver Behavior Data into Risk Management Platforms

For the greatest reduction in risk, connected data and risk management systems need to work together to create a holistic platform that works quickly to assess risk and remediate it, and is administratively easy to use.

CEI’s DriverCare Risk Manager platform ingests and normalizes data from various sources including:

  • Driver trip data
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Traffic camera violations
  • Collisions
  • Training history

DriverCare Risk Manager produces an overall driver score.  Deficient scores will trigger alerts and training assignments to drivers and targets specific behaviors for remediation.

By using CEI’s closed-loop risk management platform, your fleet can avoid accidents where possible, and mitigate liability when needed.

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