The CEI Group Advances Driver Safety with New Mobile Safety Solution

The CEI Group (CEI) announces the launch of a powerful driver engagement mobile safety solution, DriverCare CoPilot.  CEI President, Terry Winslow, calls it a “game changer.”

“As the leading provider of driver safety and accident repair management in the fleet industry, CEI’s mission is to get our clients’ drivers home safely every day. DriverCare CoPilot is a game changer in helping fleets avoid crashes,” says Winslow.  “The beauty of this solution is how it creates awareness for the driver so they can self-manage their areas of risk, and they do!  They become aware of exactly how they are behaving on the roads, and the results are sometimes eye-opening.  They also know they’ll be compared to their peers and, when that competitive nature kicks in, drivers correct their behaviors to get better scores.”

“Reducing the behaviors that cause crashes has wider implications than simply avoiding accidents,” continues Winslow.  “The ripple effect an accident has on your team, organization, and community, goes right to the heart of an organization’s impact on ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance). Secondly, by reducing crash frequency you can elongate the vehicle’s lifecycle, helping your fleet navigate the uncertainty presented by the current microchip shortage.”

Brian Kinniry, CEI’s Director of Product Management, says the science behind the product brings driver safety to a whole new level.  “The technology platform we built DriverCare CoPilot on first stemmed from scientific research at MIT. Our platform leverages data from billions of recorded miles which identified a causal link between certain unsafe driving behaviors and crashes.  Our technology’s accuracy and flexibility are why the platform is the most highly rated app of its kind in the market today.”

DriverCare CoPilot is available to fleets using a simple app download to a driver’s smartphone, with driving trend data available to managers via a web portal. Drivers are scored on certain behaviors including phone distractions, speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking, and more.  Within minutes of a completed trip, drivers receive scores for overall performance and each measured behavior and can review their trip on an interactive map.  Drivers see where they rank in their team, and in the fleet overall.  With a DriverCare training supplement, drivers are assigned remedial training and receive individual coaching when their scores fall below a certain threshold.

Kinniry says, “The transparency to the driver, and the engagement tools in DriverCare CoPilot proactively addresses driver risk.  Combined with DriverCare Risk Manager, fleets now have a complete picture of risk assessment, and a closed-loop solution that supports their objectives for a collision- and injury-free safety culture.”


About CEI

From its 1976 origins in the collision repair business based in Philadelphia, PA,CEI has become a fleet industry leader through its clear vision of service excellence and its record of innovation in driver safety and fleet accident repair. CEI’s hard-earned reputation is one of exceeding customer expectations while delivering cutting-edge fleet solutions that help clients get their drivers home safely every day.


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