Trevose, PA, October 2, 2013 — The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) announced today the addition of a new online DriverCare driver safety lesson that reminds fleet drivers about the laws and safety tips for driving near school buses and school zones.

“School Traffic Safety” opens with a real video of a near-accident when a car passed a stopped school bus and just missed hitting a student crossing the road.  The three and half-minute lesson closes with a scrollable table that describes the relevant laws in every state in the United States and Canadian province.

Key learning points include:

  • Every day, hundreds of thousands of drivers illegally pass stopped school buses.
  • On average, in the United States five schoolchildren die every year in school bus traffic accidents.
  • When a school bus’s red lights are flashing, vehicles in all directions — including those at intersections – must come to a complete stop and remain stopped until the lights stop flashing.
  • Some states allow vehicles on the opposite side of a divided highway strip to pass stopped buses where there’s a raised barrier or median.
  • Depending on where you live, illegally passing a school bus could cost your license and result in a criminal conviction, in addition to a fine and higher insurance premiums – and even a prison term if you hit a child
  • A growing number of school districts are equipping buses with traffic cameras, increasing the chances that violators will be prosecuted.

The lesson is one of more than 30 fleet driver safety lessons now available to all DriverCare customers. To review the lesson, fleet administrators can either assign it to themselves or reach out to their CEI safety solutions contact to have it assigned to them.

DriverCare is CEI’s online fleet driver safety and risk management system, which has been proven to help fleets achieve dramatic reductions in their accident rates. It acts like a virtual driver safety committee by collecting data on driver behavior, including motor vehicle reports, accidents history and other data points; calculating each driver’s risk score; notifying fleet administrators and line managers when a driver score increases, and automatically assigning and tracking remedial training tailored to each driver’s behavior.

For more information about DriverCare, please visit and click on “Risk & Safety Services.”

About the CEI Group, Inc.

CEI is a leading provider of technology-enhanced vehicle accident, driver safety and fleet risk management services. Its provider network consists of some 4,000 collision repair shops in North America, and includes nearly 900 truck collision repair centers. Its customers include self-insured, commercial, institutional and government fleets, directly and through alliances with fleet leasing companies. CEI also provides vehicle direct repair program outsourcing to leading property and casualty insurance companies. For more information about CEI, please visit

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