Trevose, PA , June 8, 2012 —  Outsourcing accident management activities can be especially helpful for truck fleet departments with limited resources.  That’s the message CEI’s Luann Dunkerley, national manager of business development for truck and service fleets, offers the trucking industry in a featured video clip this week in Fleet Management Weekly.

There’s more pressure on fleet managers today because they have fewer people to delegate all the tasks associated with managing accidents,  Ms. Dunkerley notes in the video.  Tasks they can offload to an accident management company  include selecting a shop to complete the repairs, arranging for a tow, managing the shop for time and expenses, arranging for a rental replacement vehicle, and arranging to pay multiple vendors.

“As people are learning more about [the advantages] of outsourcing … we will see more and more of it in the future.  We are definitely seeing [more interest from] the sizable fleets and big names that are talking to us today,”  she notes.

To see the complete video interview,  visit and click on the link for “Effective Truck  Collision Management.”

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