TREVOSE, PA, May 17, 2003 — Anticipating hidden damage in fleet vehicles after an accident is key to efficiently manageing repairs.  So says Ken Latzko, CEI’s southeast regional sales manager, in the May 17 Automotive Fleet Weekly featured video interview.

“With the new [car] models coming out, there are a lot more plastic and carbon fiber parts that have been causing a lot of hidden damage,” creating the possibility for supplements to initial fleet repair estimates, Mr. Latzko says at CEI’s booth the 2013 NAFA Institute & Expo in Atlantic City.  The booth featured a 2013 Ford Fusion sedan that was declared a total loss earlier in the year, with half of its body panels cut away to expose its hidden damage.


“You can’t necessarily see [that damage] unless you start taking the components off,” Mr. Latzko explained.  “We wanted to bring a car to…demonstrate our quality control team [of licensed physical damage appraisers] looks through …photos…and is able to tell our customers ahead of time that they can expect some hidden damage.

“We do this in order to keep supplements to a minimum, and we have achieved great success compared to the industry average.”

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