Mid-level managers are among the most important factors in reducing fleet accidents. Brian Kinniry, manager of risk & safety operations at CEI, makes that point in “How to Sell Fleet Safety to Your Drivers,” an article the December 2011  issue of Automotive Fleet.

Mr. Kinniry said that field managers play a key role in making sure fleet drivers focus on safety as their top priority.  To do, it’s critical that they know the driving history of each  driver they supervise, and should actively participate in “ride-alongs” with them.

” The manager can also use ride-alongs as an opportunity to educate employees on the statistical relevance of accident data within the company and industry, so that the employee is aware of the risks he or she faces while on the road, ” Kinniry says in the article.

The manager is most effective in reducing accidents if both he and the driver have easy access to the driver’s complete driving performance record, including accients, motor vehicle record violations, camera violations and violations of fleet safety policy.

He noted that CEI’s DriverCare Risk Manager(tm)  provides that kind of access, and has been instrumental in reducing fleet accident rates by 5 to 40 percent over time.  “Safety has to be presented as a part of [each employee’s] job responsibility, along with a responsibility that they have to their families and communities,” Kinniry says.

To see the full article, visit http://www.automotive-fleet.com/article/story/2011/12/How-to-Sell-Fleet-Safety-to-Your-Drivers.aspx

For information about CEI’s DriverCare line of fleet safety services, visit cei-network.local.


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