Trevose, PA, August 22, 2014 – Short, high-quality videos that address current, fleet-specific driving safety issues and that are accessible from mobile devices can help achieve greater driver compliance with fleet safety policies. That’s the message Ken Latzko, southeast regional sales manager for the CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) told members of the Carolinas Chapter of the NAFA Fleet Management Association who met in Greensboro, North Carolina last week.

Just as consumer marketing firms and political campaigns have learned to “microtarget” their messages to specific audiences with content they find immediately relevant, “fleets need to go beyond the classic approach to safety,” which goes only so far in achieving results, Mr. Latzko said. “The goal of microtargeting is to achieve compliance by assuring that your safe driving message resonates.”

To illustrate, Mr. Latzko cited work by CEI Studios – CEI’s in-house video production department – to create videos for a client fleet that had had a surge in at-fault rear-end accidents. CEI created videos that cited the company’s recent accident and related injury statistics and featured photos of actual fleet vehicles damaged in those accidents. CEI produced two videos: one aimed at drivers, and another at field managers that cited the impact of those accidents on company sales and revenue, and urged managers to drive the safety message to the drivers they supervise.

“Our client told us that some drivers were so impressed with the video that they shared it with their families,” Mr. Latzko said, noting that powerful safety messages can have an impact beyond improved compliance with fleet policy. “The keys to effective microtargeted videos are to focus on timely, topical issues that matter to your drivers, make them easy to access and make sure they look good,” Mr. Latzko told the group.

About CEI

The CEI Group, Inc. is the largest fully integrated fleet accident, driver safety and risk management provider in North America. Its vendor network consists of some 4,000 collision repair shops in North America, and includes nearly 1,000 truck collision repair centers. Its customers include self-insured, commercial, institutional and government fleets, directly and through alliances with fleet leasing companies. CEI also provides vehicle direct repair program outsourcing to leading property and casualty insurance companies.

Founded in 1983, CEI has headquarters near Philadelphia, PA, and field sales offices in Trevose, PA, Tulsa, OK, and Lake in the Hills, IL. In 2000, CEI launched the DriverCare™ line of services, which include fleet risk management, MVR ordering and compliance, on-line and behind-the-wheel driver safety training and a safety newsletter. For more information about CEI, please visit


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