Trevose, PA, May 31, 2012 – CEI’s DriverCare Safety Matrix Project is the subject of a feature article in this month’s Automotive Fleet magazine.

As explained by CEI President and COO Vincent Brigidi and Brian Kinniry, manager of risk and safety services, the project is an ongoing effort to catalog, index and analyze the company’s fleet client safety policies and practices to help its customers shape their fleet safety programs to fit their corporate culture.

“Essentially, the matrix is a checklist that indicates whether and how fleets address a wide variety of subjects,” Mr. Brigidi says in the two-page article.  He added that it tracks nearly 100 different variables of fleet safety policies and practices, based on dozens of CEI safety customers, and records each fleet’s accident rate.

“Behind the matrix is the text of all of our customers’ safety policies and procedures, which enables us to present individual parts of policy without identifying whose they are,” says Mr. Kinniry.  “The added benefit is that we are presenting wording that has already been put to the real-world test.”

Kinniry says that the project’s long-range goal is determine what effect new programs have on a fleet’s accident rate.  “Our experience…tells us that what works in one fleet doesn’t necessarily work in another,” Mr. Brigidi notes.

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