Trevose, PA, June 8, 2012 — CEI’s Brian Kinniry, manager of risk and safety solutions, is featured in the May issue of Automotive Fleet in an article that focuses on  safety orientation programs for new fleet drivers.

“The most effective new hire orientation programs we know of incorpraote a multimedia approach to convey the importance of driving safely to accomplish the company’s goals,” Mr.Kinniry says in the article titled, “Creating a Driver Orientation Program for New Hires”.  He said the programs include meetings, desktop computer presentations and online training.  They are also part of a broader fleet safety program that features endorsements from senior management, testimonials from safe drivers, and documentation that every driver has read and accepts responsiblity for abiding by the fleet’s safety policy.

“The program also needs to tell drivers how the company apprises itself of every driver’s behavior and the consequences for unsatisfactory driviing, as well has how drivers are recognized for good driving behavior,” he adds.

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