Trevose, PA , October 5, 2012 – CEI president Vincent Brigidi is featured prominently in two places in this week’s Fleet Management Weekly.

In the latest issue’s “Featured Video,” Mr. Brigidi addresses using driver history to improve fleet drivers’ on-road behavior.  Fleet managers “take advantage of [driver history] … by presenting the driver with everything you know and that they need to know … in a usable format, and presenting it to their manger, to regional managers,” Mr. Brigidi says.

“What it comes down to is if I know that [not speeding] is important to my company, and that I know it’s being monitored and measured, I’m probably going to react differently than if someone just tells me [not to speed].”

In the same issue, Mr. Brigidi’s 1,500-word interview with the e-magazine editor Janice Sutton appears, in which he addresses such issues as the biggest problems fleet managers are facing in managing accident expenses and risk and promoting safety, and CEI’s latest technological enhancements and innovations.

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