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Using Science to Improve Driver Behaviors

The success of any fleet safety initiative is measured by how well it reduces incidents, injuries, and fatalities. Achieving these reductions rests mainly on enabling and inspiring drivers to improve their behaviors.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to apply scientific theories to better educate and motivate drivers to improve driving behaviors and remain in compliance with your safety program.  We’ll see what might work in a given situation, and what is likely to fail.  The webinar will cover various topics including:

  • How to more effectively build safe driving habits
  • How timing of requests impacts success rates
  • Why making drivers responsible for their learning works in your favor
  • What methods are more likely to influence poor performers,
  • And more!

As an added bonus, attendees of this webinar will receive a FREE GUIDE that offers ideas on how to apply behavior science to improve your fleet safety program effectiveness.

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