Remaining Proactive for Your Fleet during COVID-19

Most organizations are extremely focused on Covid19-related loss control, social distancing requirements, training, and more. As a fleet risk, safety, and collision management company, it is essential for us to serve those still on road. Even those sidelined still have priorities during the pandemic. Here are our top tips:

  • Social Distancing via Contact-Free Estimates – Concerned about physical contact at repair shops or with field appraisers as an essential business? We can deliver photo-based estimates that prevents a driver from going to a shop or being around an independent appraiser. We can deliver this technology to drivers via text and help uphold social distancing requirements. Our photo-based estimate solution takes a minute for a driver to complete and our shop estimate integration technology helps us provide an Agreed Price Estimate so that our clients can have peace of mind and focus on more important risks.
  • Repairs are Still Available – 97% of our repair vendors are fully operational. With repair facilities closed across the country, CEI is fully operational to handle claims from other essential businesses.
  • Subrogation results are up 23% in recovery, we can stand up a quick agreement or amendment to handle claims and provide additional recovery for improved cash flow.
  • Grounded Drivers Can Improve Driving Skills from Home – Sales drivers are grounded, but drivers need to keep driver safety practices sharp so that they don’t wind up in accidents once they return back to work. CEI sales fleet clients are delivering fresh modules to drivers while they are down to support keeping proper behaviors top-of-mind so they are ready to go when operational again.

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