CEI’s COVID-19 Updated Safety Recommendations for Drivers at an Accident Scene

  • Following advice issued by the CDC and Canada’s Chief Public Heath Officer, CEI encourages our fleet drivers to bring a mask in their car in order to protect themselves in the event of an accident. A pair of gloves are also recommended.
  • Follow normal procedures for contacting 911 in the event of any injuries.
  • Aid other drivers only in life-threatening situations while utilizing protective wear, such as a mask or gloves.
  • Document the scene and damage, taking photos of the involved vehicles to assess damage and photos of the surrounding area.
  • CEI can provide a link to your drivers to take and submit photos from the scene; these will also be used to create an estimate in order to minimize contact with the repair shop
  • As recommended by AAA, do not physically exchange information. Instead, share any needed insurance and license information verbally with each person involved writing down the information.
  • Share information electronically using smart phone apps — email, messaging, or Airdrop, if possible
  • AAA recommends that if your vehicle is non-operational after the collision, do not hitch a ride with the tow truck operator since the distance in the cab between driver and operator will likely be less than six feet. Instead arrange for your own transportation wherever possible, preferably with a family member or someone known to be coronavirus free, and again, adhere to social distancing recommendations.

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