Clean windshields help provide good visibility, which is important to safe driving, therefore, knowing how to properly clean your windshield is key to safe maintenance of your vehicle.


Why Is My Windshield Interior Oily?

Do you know what causes the interior of your windshield to have a greasy film? You might notice this most at night when headlights of oncoming cars shine through greasy streaks on your windshield, impacting your visibility. Here is the answer:

Dashboards and vehicle interiors are composed of vinyl and plastic products. These products contain oils and when they get hot, they release oil vapors into the interior of your vehicle. Over time, this builds up into an oily film on the glass. If you smoke in your vehicle, this also contributes to the problem.

What makes this worse is that many dashboard conditioners contain oils which contribute to the available oils that get heated and released in vapors. If you do condition your vehicle interior, make sure the product states it leaves no greasy or oily residue.


What Do I Need to Clean My Windshield?

The materials you’ll need to properly clean your windshield interior include:

  • Four (4) clean microfiber cloths with tags removed
  • A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser® and a bowl of warm water – or – rubbing alcohol
  • A foam spray glass cleaner


How Should I Clean My Windshield?

First, clean the exterior of your windshield to remove dirt and road oils. This makes it easier to see the dirt and grease that is on the interior. Use your normal cleaning method for the exterior, which can be a commercial car wash.

For the interior, there are different preferences for products and materials to use for cleaning windshields. This method is one we have seen work well, but you may have one that you like better. Sit in the passenger seat when cleaning to get a better reach.

Step 1 – Remove as much of the greasy layer as possible using a clean microfiber cloth. Use a circular motion on one side of the cloth, then flip it over and wipe the windshield vertically, up, and down. Don’t let the microfiber touch the dashboard because it will pick up oils and then transfer them to the windshield.

Step 2 – Use either rubbing alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth or, life hack, a wet Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, to break up the remaining grease on the windshield, using a circular motion to wet the windshield.  Again, don’t let your cleaning materials touch the dashboard. One caution, keep paper towels on hand to quickly wipe up any liquid that drops on the dashboard so you can prevent discoloration.

Step 3Before the glass dries, use a clean microfiber towel to dry off the windshield. Use a circular motion to absorb the water which now holds all the remaining grease and dirt from the windshield.

Step 4 – Use your favorite glass cleaner sprayed into a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the windshield again in circular motions, then flip the cloth over and wipe straight up and down, as in Step 1.


You will notice how much clearer your windshield is when you drive at night. You may have to repeat this cleaning more frequently during hot months of the year. As soon as you notice a build up of film, it’s time to break out those microfiber cloths!

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