How to Safely Tow A Trailer

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How to Safely Tow A Trailer Whether you tow trailers as part of your job or for personal use, you need to know how to safely tow a trailer before..

8 Tips for Fleets to Protect Against Predatory Towing

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What Is Predatory Towing? Towing is a vital industry, full of helpful service providers that offer safe and effective vehicle transportation solutions. They help with breakdowns, auto accidents, and all..

5 Signs Your Wheels Are
Out of Alignment

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Spring is pothole season, and when you hit one it can throw your wheels out of alignment. If left unrepaired, misaligned tires can increase your future costs and risk for..

5 Tips for Good Driving Vision

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Having good driving vision is one of your greatest assets when it comes to safe driving. With Workplace Eye Wellness Month happening this March, it’s a great opportunity to review..

Show Your Fleet Drivers Some Love

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This Valentine’s Day, when you take time to recognize the people who matter to you and show them you care, consider adding your fleet drivers to that list of special..

Safety Tips for Driving on Icy Roads

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When a deep freeze grips regions in the U.S. and Canada during the winter months, it is a good time to review how to drive safely on icy roads. Freezing..

10 Tips to Drive Safely
this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is approaching, and CEI is sharing 10 tips on how to drive safely in crowded traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian.  With 2021 experiencing the greatest increase in..

Driving Phone Distraction Risk
Out of Your Fleet

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When determining the risk that phone distraction presents to your fleet, it is best to reference more than one source. Researching the Risk CEI used the accident data of nearly..