The Situation:

A fleet with nearly 6,000 drivers was looking for a way to reduce their accident rate and associated liability.  The company’s safety improvement initiatives were under budgetary constraints, and their fleet and safety team looked for ways to turn accident cost savings to their advantage.

Their team theorized that connecting their accident management and fleet safety programs could drive down their incident rate under a limited budget and with limited internal resources.  But they needed the right fleet safety partner to achieve these objectives.


The Solution:

Working with CEI, and looking at their fleet accident and safety budget holistically, they looked for a solution that would achieve net savings overall.  The team designed improvements that would:

  • Achieve incident rate reduction goals
  • Document the year over year reductions in accident spend as an offset to increased safety initiatives
  • Relieve growing administrative burdens from the fleet team
  • Show a direct connection between risk assessment and training to reduce specific types of incidents
  • Support customized compliance tracking for their fleet safety policy.

After a thorough evaluation, they chose to roll out CEI’s DriverCare Risk Manager platform fleet-wide.


The Results:

After implementing DriverCare Risk Manager, this fleet experienced a 22% reduction in accidents in the first two years, and continued to drive this down to achieve an overall 29.3% reduction in accident rates over 5 years.  As a result, CEI’s client:

  • Avoided over 1,100 accidents
  • Realized $3.4 Million in accident cost savings through reduced repair expenses
  • Reduced overall Corporate Costs from accidents by $26.6 Million*

The fleet team found the ease of use of CEI’s program, coupled with continuous results was a powerful combination.  In addition, the availability of actionable data enables our client to make impactful decisions moving forward.


* Based on the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety estimates of the cost of accidents for employers.

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