The Situation:

A fleet with 2,500 drivers was experiencing an accident rate of over 30%, and needed to implement a safety solution that would effectively reduce their risk.  They also knew corporate adoption of an overall safety culture was needed for long term success.


The Solution:

This client sought a safety services partner who would be sensitive to overcoming cultural barriers  The fleet also needed a solution that could scale up as their safety initiatives increased.  They chose CEI as their new partner.

Over the first three years, CEI rolled out a variety of safety programs, centered around DriverCare Risk Manager, a comprehensive risk assessment, driver training, and compliance tracking platform.  These initiatives included:

  • Normalizing risk scoring using universal event grading to clarify driver risk levels
  • Creating standards for secondary driver eligibility
  • Program engagement with managers using a customized manager hierarchy
  • Providing standard driver training for new drivers
  • Automatic assignments of event-specific remedial training
  • Using a frequent cadence for supplemental driver training
  • Creating customized driver training modules for job-specific challenges


The Results:

CEI’s client achieved their objectives with a 21.7% reduction in accident rates in the first two years alone!  Overall, in three years time, our client avoided over 480 accidents compared to their baseline experience.  This equates to:

  • $1.2 Million in accident repair savings
  • $11.5 Million in overall corporate cost savings*



* Based on the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety estimates of the cost of accidents for employers.



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