The Situation:

A fleet with over 2,000 drivers on the road, had been experiencing a steady increase in their accident rate.  Facing increased insurance premiums and liability exposure, they had turned to their previous fleet safety service provider for help.  Their provider offered minimal consultation and their ability to assess the true level of risk for their client was limited.  They also provided minimal safety training, and the assignment of training to drivers after an incident was a highly manual process.

This fleet looked elsewhere for assistance.


The Solution:

CEI was tapped to provide a better fleet safety solution.  Our internal team reviewed the data from the prior years, looking for trends that could explain their increased accident rate.  Identifying several possible causes, we worked with our new client to develop a strategic approach to reducing accidents, promoting driver engagement and focusing on preventable collisions.  Collectively, we established benchmarks and success measurements to achive Corporate Safety objectives.

Throughout the period of transformation, CEI’s team provided regular performance updates to ensure we were maintaining momentum towards our objectives.



The Results:

The success of CEI’s approach was significant.  In the first three years after implementing DriverCare Risk Manager, our client’s overall safety culture improved, and we exceeded every objective, including:

  • Realizing a 16% accident rate reduction in preventable accidents
  • Reduced costs by nearly $3 Million through accident avoidance*
  • Reduced overall corporate risk profile


* Based on the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety estimates of the cost of accidents for employers.

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