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See how an integrated safety and collision management program helps you prevent accidents, reduce associated costs, and get drivers home safely every day.

Uncover Value Across Your Fleet

21% Fleet Accident Rate Reduction

With CEI’s complete data view of driver risk, targeted training and driver engagement tools, on average our clients realize over a 21% reduction in their accident rate over 3 years.

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8-12% Audit Savings Per Repair Estimate

CEI’s licensed physical damage appraiser and digital review of estimates, coupled with a tight process for repair authorizations result in an average savings of 8% to 12% on repair costs.

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35% Average Reduction in Speeding Incidents

Clients find CEI driver engagement and remediation most effective with even habitual high risk drivers showing significant improvement in speeding and other risky behaviors.

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CEI Recovers 95% of Your Costs for Subrogated Claims on Average

We aggressively pursue recovery from involved 3rd parties for all billable claim expenses and non-billable costs to our clients and recover this money quickly on nearly all pursued claims.

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Examine the most pressing risk, safety and
collision management issues facing fleets today.

Reducing fleet risk depends upon finding ways to deal with problem drivers, and proactively addressing risky behaviors prior to an incident. Zero-tolerance policies may not work for your organization, either because they are not truly supported down the line, or because enforcement causes a strain on your HR staff who is already dealing with high competition for recruiting skilled employees. It would be much better if those drivers just got better.

If you have a typical fleet, you face many challenges along the way:

    • Getting an accurate assessment of driver risk using disconnected systems
    • Maintaining compliance
    • Administration time
    • Engaging drivers to change their behaviors…(read more)


Remove Blind Spots in Your Driver Safety

When one of your vehicles is involved in an accident it disrupts your business and impacts your bottom line. If your process for managing accidents is disjointed anywhere from the FNOL to when the vehicle is restored to service, those gaps cost you time which become a drain on your fleet productivity and revenue generation.

You may not have the expertise to evaluate an accident repair estimate properly and will pay for an appraisal of the repair shop’s estimate, which adds to your fleet’s already growing costs and downtime.

When recovering monies from at-fault third parties, you need to pursue every opportunity and every element of cost to maximize your loss recovery. Unfortunately, some service providers pursue claims only over a certain dollar threshold or a certain level of fault. This can leave a lot of dollars on the table…(read more)

If your drivers are like most fleet drivers, they are focused on getting their job done, and this can sometimes interfere with safe driving. With distracted driving involved in 25% of all accidents, and distracted driving accidents increasing the chance that a crash will result in injury or death, this often invisible risk is a real challenge for fleets.

Drivers who engage in risky behaviors but haven’t had an incident often think they aren’t in danger. But, when presented with evidence of their risk, the awareness alone can help curb unsafe behaviors. For other drivers you will need ways to engage and encourage them to change. The key is to find the right way to address this for your fleet…(read more)

When your organization focuses resources into improving its contribution to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns, having an unsafe fleet puts those initiatives at risk.

When a fleet driver is involved in an accident, whether in a company vehicle, or a personal vehicle driven for business purposes, the impact is felt beyond the budget. They may harm themselves or other drivers. They consume emergency responder resources. The medical community is involved. Their lost wages impact families, schools, churches, and all of the social programs their tax dollars support. That accident ripples out and touches every part of your ESG…(read more)

CEI Helps Fleets Achieve More

Since 1983, CEI has focused on helping fleets avoid collisions, and reducing their costs and downtime when they do occur. Today, our integrated program encompasses 24/7 claims services, a nationwide car and truck body repair network, subrogation services, driver risk assessments, telematics data analysis, MVR monitoring, e-learning, mobile solutions, and more.


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